How Amazon Will Dominate the World


[kkstarratings] Amazon Prime Day starts today. It is a good time to make an analysis of the strategies that the e-commerce giant is carrying out to gradually eat the cake that, until recently, dominated Google and Facebook. If today Amazon's weak point is still [...]

Policy Manager, the latest news in Google Ads

[kkstarratings] Who said that managing Google Ads campaigns was boring? ? First of all, Google Policies are going to be your best friend if you want your campaigns to be successful (besides being able to be activated). Trademark content, legal requirements, certificate needed in your country, landing page that doesn't work or editorial requirements are [...]

Google Adwords Goals and New Features 4th Quarter

In Geotelecom we love to be up to date. For this reason today we bring you betas and news in Google AdWords for this fourth quarter. We can advance that from now on, any news that Google develops for AdWords, must be managed from the new interface (AdWords beta). Let's go with the new features: 1- Changes in the campaigns [...]

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