5 tips to optimize your personal profile on LinkedIn

optimize linkedin profile 2021

LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence for businesses and users who want to consolidate their professional identity. It currently has more than 727 million active users according to official data and can be very useful to connect and maintain relationships with other professionals. Whether to find a job or to grow and learn in your professional [...]

Seo on YouTube: First steps

seo on Youtube

Today we want to start by asking how many of you consume YouTube on a daily basis. Well, on second thought, maybe it would be better to ask: How often do you use this platform on a daily basis? And it is a fact that YouTube has become one of the most trafficked platforms on the Internet, becoming your favorite media player for [...]

Prestashop: CMS management system for e-commerce

Prestashop CMS ecommerce management system

In our review about the most used CMS in e-commerce, we could not miss PrestaShop, the open source content management system used by one out of five online stores in Spain. So, we are going to tell you about the main advantages and features of PrestaShop, templates, modules and options of the platform born from an open source CMS.

WordPress: a basic guide for beginners

Basic wordpress guide by geotelecom

We know that starting out in the digital world is not always easy. However, there are intuitive platforms ready to facilitate the creation of a website without worrying about having advanced development skills. That is why WordPress has stood out for years as the platform par excellence for websites dedicated to the digital world.

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies during Black Friday

On the last Friday of November, as is tradition since we imported it from the US, brands and ecommerce open the Christmas campaign with a week of discounts and offers. Many physical stores continue to maintain the winter and summer sales, although since 2015 Black Friday has become widespread in Spain, following the liberalization of [...]

5 Ecommerce mistakes to avoid

There are very common mistakes in ecommerce, is anyone spared from them. MEGA SPOILER: no. We never get out of these problems, either because we have started a project or we have already been working on it for a while. Occasionally, there is the idea that having a website by itself is the 90% of the job done. However, there are [...]

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