To do or not to do team building, that is the question.

Team building, and what is that?

As early as the 1930s, social psychologist William McDougal began to discuss the importance of team building activities to achieve high performance groups. Today, the team building is an increasingly common practice in various fields, such as school, sports and, of course, work. In Geotelecom we enjoy and support to the maximum all initiatives that have to do with group dynamics and, for this reason, this year our CEO Jorge Arias has surprised us with a trip of the whole team to, nothing more and nothing less than, the idyllic Canary Island of Lanzarote.

Many of you will be asking yourselves: but is he crazy? How does he invest so much time and money in a team trip? If these kinds of questions are going through your head, you probably don't have the experience of doing group dynamics with your colleagues and discovering all the advantages they present for the company. In this post we will tell you what we have learned during this trip and what conclusions we have reached:

Why team building?

  • To begin with, it serves to recognize the work The day-to-day work in the office can be difficult at times, and at times we can feel disappointed, stressed, and a host of other things. Day-to-day life in the office can be an uphill struggle at times and, at times, we can feel disillusioned, stressed, and a host of -ados more. These feelings are intensified if no one rewards our work or we notice that our efforts go unnoticed. In this sense, a surprise such as spending a morning, a day or doing an activity outside the office all together, can alleviate these feelings and make the group more cohesive.
  • We achieved a more motivated teamThe result is a more effective and productive team in the workplace. This may sound like news from El Mundo Today,but this is something that several studies have shown, among them theHappiness and Work study conducted by the Mexican consulting firm Crecimiento Sustentable.which argues that a happy worker is a more effective 88%. Seen in this light, the question we ask ourselves is how come more companies don't do the same?
  • It also serves to meet our partners outside the work environment and increase trust between the different members. This is a key point to make communication easier and more fluid in the office. Tackling problems, finding solutions and, in short, having a good atmosphere in the workplace makes daily work much easier and, therefore, the company will have a more decisive and coordinated team.
  • In addition, it projects a very positive image of the companyWho wouldn't want to be part of a company whose members generate good vibesThey work hard, yes, and on top of that their superiors value and reward them?

These are just some of the conclusions we have drawn from this trip. More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of carrying out team building and who care about building a motivated team with the attitude that will make the company grow and achieve its goals. However, there are still many who have yet to share this philosophy.

In case you are still not completely convinced, do the following scroll and you can see some of the memories that this Geotelecom trip has left us:

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