Tips to improve the quality level of your ads

As we have already been told over the last year, the paradigm in Google Ads is changing and more and more emphasis is being placed on the quality level of the advertisements in any type of campaign. 

So, in this post, we leave you some tips to give a twist to your Search Network, Display and Shopping ads Maximum Performance. 

Search Network Ads

The Responsive Search Ads have been playing a leading role in our Search Network campaigns for some time now and, moreover, they will soon be the only protagonists of our search campaigns. So, here are some tips to achieve an excellent level of quality in your resources:

  1. Add as many resources as possible: Include features, benefits, business differentiators, promotions and offers.
  2. Enter at least twice the keyword included in the campaign.
  3. In addition to point two, include Dynamic Insertion to cover all the Keywords you include in the campaign. 
  4. Use the resource reports to improve the worst performing elements and reuse the best ones. 

Given the latter, where can we find the resource reports for adaptive search ads? 

On the one hand, if in the total campaigns we filter only the search campaigns, in the Ads and Extensions section we will see the Resources section. 

Search Campaigns - Google Ads


We will be able to see the total resources used in the account. In a table, they are classified as follows: 

  • The best. It includes resources such as
  • Good
  • Under. It is advisable to change them

Note that they may also be shown as Learning or No Assessment if there is insufficient data to classify it. (Normally, the following are required 5000 impressions in the segment "Google Search: top" over 30 days)



search network google ads panel
Search network Google ads panel


Coupled with RSA announcements, we have the new paradigm in the Search extensionsWhat should we take into account when creating them?

  1. Now Google will not take into account the level in which the extensions are applied. Therefore, we recommend you to reorganize your extensions in the different levels.
  2. Check the automatic extensions. If you do not have the total number of extensions created, Google may automatically create extensions that may show elements that are of no interest. 

But, how do we know which automatic extensions are enabled and how do we disable them? Until now, the only way we had to do it was through the Extensions > Automatic Extensions > Advanced Settings section itself (). 


automatic extensions


extensions panel

However, as of last March, it will be possible to identify them within the extensions panel itself and you will be able to pause individually the ones you are not interested in keeping active. 

panel extensions

Display Ads

As we have seen with the search network, in Display we can apply some tips to, on the one hand, improve the quality of the ad and, on the other hand, improve the results of the campaign. 

As for improving the ad, we advise: 

  1. Keep in mind the 3Cs, that the message is clear, concise and convincing.
  2. Highlight in banners and texts top products and any relevant features (offers, prices, deliveries...)
  3. Always include a CTA (Call to action) that encourages clicks. 
  4. To have a unified strategy between image and text. 
  5. Focus on the target URL relevant to the user. 

In addition, with adaptive display ads we can follow the same advice as with RSA ads when it comes to improving text assets. 

Shopping Ads

With the entry of the Maximum Performance campaigns we have seen that they allow us to include text, image and product feed within the same campaign. Since it is the alternative to the already known Smart Shopping campaigns, when creating the ads it is important to take into account the following tips: 

  1. Include the maximum number of image resources allowed by the campaign. In this case there are up to 15, both horizontal and square.
  2. Use resources in accordance with the products you are showing, the promotion or the seasonality you are in. 
  3. If possible, include your own video of about 30 seconds that follows the thread of the promotion or of the products launched in the campaign. If no video is included, google will automatically create one based on the resources you have provided. 
  4. As we have seen in the RSA ads, include relevant features, prices, promotions, etc. in the text. 
  5. It monitors the performance of the different resources and optimizes those that show low results.

To track the resources, as we saw in the search ads, the platform itself gives us a performance report that will allow us to know them first hand.

Where can we find it?

As part of the Performance > Resource Group > View details. 

resource group

quality performance

Here, using the same classification we saw above, we will be able to know the performance of the different resources in order to make decisions to improve the quality level. 

Employ it in your strategy and get Google to reward you for it😎.

Remember that we are experts in Google Ads and we can improve your eCommerce campaigns and with it your sales. Contact us without obligation!

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