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Tips for your Performance Max this Black Friday

Do you have PMAX campaigns, are you going to adapt them this Black Friday? We do and we want to tell you how. First of all, we must remember that this Black Friday will be one of the most omnichannel to date, so taking advantage of this type of campaign seems vital to us.

How can we start? The ideal would be to have our performance max campaigns active in advance with enough time before black friday as this type of campaign needs a minimum of 6 weeks to obtain sufficient data. The best thing would be to duplicate your resource groups in advance (more than a week) and adapt them for Black Friday, pausing the group without an offer on the desired dates. This will not affect the performance or learning of the campaign, even if it is a new group we are promoting the same products and the campaign does not lose its information. 

Be careful with the groups of cards in this new group, make sure that the products you want are promoted because are not copied groups of tiles from one to another. If you only check at campaign level you can make mistakes:

performance max black friday

performance max black friday

As a tip, you can copy and paste from the Google Ads editor since in this way the groups of cards are duplicated. 

Here we are going to give you some tips on the things you should keep in mind during these campaigns so that you have your Performance ready for this time of the year:

CreativitiesFirst of all, the most important thing will be the adaptation of the creatives, both images and video. 


  • ImagesGoogle allows us a maximum of 20 images in PMAX, take advantage of all of them, it is recommended to include the maximum number of resources possible, since the campaign will be able to create more combinations, so you will increase the chances of finding the winning combination. Use different formats, even the same image in several dimensions to see which one works best for you. It is best to use clean images without logos, text, etc. However, in our opinion, it is important that they visually evoke Black Friday, here we let your imagination run wild. If you don't have the possibility to create so many visual resources, you can use the images you already had and add some extra Black Friday resources. Here are the specifications:

performance max black friday

In addition to the image resources to be added, we also have the attribute of shopping "lifestyle" product. If you haven't tried it yet, you should know that it can be your ally in performance campaigns to increase visibility. In case you do not know what we are talking about, we leave here the support help https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/9103186?hl=es. In these times it is vital to differentiate yourself from the competition, take advantage of this new attribute if possible. 

  • Videos: Youtube is one of the channels on which more increase is expected this Black Friday so we must take advantage of this video resource in our Performance Max. You will get a good performance by including several videos with different types of duration and formats. If you can count on Youtube shorts, you can also test this type of format in these campaigns. Includes own videos to generate the desired impact on your customers with resources adapted to your promotionsanother vital practice to differentiate yourself. If you do not include them, these campaigns automatically generate videos from creatives that you have uploaded, but we do not recommend this practice as we do not consider them to be quality videos and they will not have a differentiated message.

Copies: Adapt copies to Black Friday.

This is obvious, but we don't want it to fall by the wayside. Adapt your communications, if you can with a text that highlights and emphasizes your offers. If you have them but don't communicate them, your potential customers won't know about them. 

Audience signals:

This resource seems to us very important to give a "clue" to our campaigns. Taking advantage of these signals for Black Friday can make the difference, and here the possibilities are very broad. We recommend some of them:

  • Buyers, bargain hunters
  • Specific Black Friday audiences
  • Our most impressed or converted terms + promo/offers
  • Do you have your audiences separated by verticals or brands? Take advantage of them in your performance max audience signals.
  • Competitor URLs: don't know which one to use? If you have the same campaign in RB take a look at the auction comparison. 


Exclude all those in which you are not interested in appearing previously. If, for example, your company has nothing to do with sports or with an audience similar to the one that usually consumes soccer and you see in your sites many impressions in this type of pages, you can exclude them. It is important to review this for Black Friday if we do not want to spend money on sites that are not interesting for us. Within the limitations of Performance, at least we can control this part. 

To review the locations in which your PMAXs are being displayed you would have to go to Reports > Predefined reports (Dimensions) > Others > Maximum performance campaign locations. Here you will get a panel where you can filter by date, location, campaign... Very useful both for a general overview and to review a specific campaign. 

If you want to exclude any of them you would have to do it at the account level. We would go to the panel of all campaigns and here we have to go to content > exclusions and choose from the drop-down list site exclusions.

performance max black friday

performance max black friday

You can also create a list of site exclusions, from tools and settings > resource exclusions library > site exclusion lists and add it. 

Here it is important to know that it does not let us add these exclusions only to the Performance Max, so we would have to set it to account level.

Seasonal adjustments:

Apart from taking care of our limited budgets, our refusals and our returns as in the rest of the campaigns, it will be vital for the Black Friday days to take into account the seasonality adjustments and apply them to the top performing campaigns now that we can do it. 

To do this, check the variation in conversion rate that your campaigns tend to have during these times of the year. You can set this adjustment in tools and configuration > shared library > bidding strategies > advanced controls. Here we can put the adjustment only to these campaigns. 

For us these are some of the most important points to adapt in PMAX for Black Friday and our way to optimize them. Do you want to share with us some more? We read you!


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