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7 free tools to save time on your website

Do you have an online store, an informative website, a portfolio, a blog?

Nobody told you that managing a website was easy (and even less if it is an eCommerce). What is easy is to read this post where we are going to show you 7 tools that will facilitate the work in your day to day and that you should at least know.

Why? We have more and more work and less and less time to manage everything correctly and that is why it is necessary to optimize resources and know how to respond quickly to any setback or urgency that arises on our website.

Take note of these free, intuitive and fast tools that will allow you to save a lot of time on various tasks for your website.


This is a website where you can send your files with no size limit in a fast and safe way.


Smash-home page
Smash - Main Page

Just press and hold the button in the middle of the screen for a few seconds and the file explorer will open for you to choose what you want to send.

Select the folder you want to upload and all the files inside that folder will be uploaded.


Mailing by mail or by link
Mailing by mail or by link


You can then send it to via email o get the link to copy it and send it as a URL

NOTE: Very similar to programs like Wetransfer, Ydray or Dropbox, only this one has no weight limit.


Do you want to compress your web product images? Image weight affects loading time and speed of a website. The importance of having an optimized online business is emphasized when it comes to making an SEO auditGoogle benefits those websites that are fast and well optimized.

With this online tool you will be able to compress up to 20 images at a time, whether WebP, PNG or JPEG format.

All you have to do is drag the images to their website and voila! It automatically downloads a folder with all the compressed images (up to more than a 50% sometimes).


tinypng home page
tinypng home page

NOTE: It is very fast and does not require registration. plugin for WordPress )


Without moving on from the subject of images, we present this free tool that allows you to remove the background from your photosBut don't you use Photoshop or other editing tools for that? Well, you don't need to. This tool is quite accurate when it comes to retouching your image to leave it without background.


RemoveBG - Before and after


You can restore any areas that you think are not quite right. It also allows you to add a background to your image in preview mode.

NOTE: Fast and no need to register. You can also connect more than 2,000 apps and integrate it into any application (works great with Shopify).


Translate any text accurately. Do you want to translate your web page even if it has specific nuances? This free tool has 6 times more accurate than Google Translate or other translation tools.




It has a text translator option, but it can also translate PDF Docx and Pptx files.

It has a desktop application for Windows and Mac.

NOTE: Very intuitive and no registration is required. It has a PRO version with advanced features that may be interesting for your business.


It has 21 tools for convert, compress and edit PDF files for free. We recommend you to visit the website to see the one that interests you the most but we highlight the one that may be interesting for your business.




How many times have you been sent a PDF contract or a document that you have to sign and you get lost among the payment programs and their updates?

Well, with this tool you have the solution. It offers many options but we focus on an interesting one: Sign PDF


Once you select that option, click on the place where you want to sign and it opens different options. You can draw the signature yourself, select the type of signature you want or load one you have on your computer. Once finished you have the PDF back ready and signed.





Very useful to sell your project. This tool allows you to videotape yourself at the same time as recording the screen which you will be able to make very interesting presentations.

You can send the videos directly by email or LinkedIn and you will have access to a list of people who view your videos.

Ideal for the sales team but also for you and a presentation of your business/web or tool that you want to show to your buyers.

Limit 25 videos of 30 minutes.



NOTE: You need to register with an email address. Maybe you should take a look at some basic guide. It has a pro version with better features very interesting


The tools tool. It allows you to do a multitude of things with the images but as with the previous tool we highlight those that may be useful and that perhaps you did not know.

It has a multitude of options but we will focus on these two:

Watermark: allows you to watermark (the logo) your images. If you want to watermark an entire catalog this tool is great.

Resize imageAlthough it may be used a lot for social networks, banners for campaigns or your website, you can also use it for the photos of your product catalog.





Did you know any of them? We recommend you to have them in favorites in a folder of your browser because at any given moment they will save you time.

And if you have an eCommerce, we are the ones who make you save time and increase your sales. Don't hesitate to contact 😉

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