Once we get into 2018 it's time to talk about the digital marketing strategies that are working best at the moment. These strategies will help you grow your e-commerce as well as help you boost your Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) campaigns.


We could define Machine Learning as a subset of artificial intelligence in the field of computer science that is often based on statistical techniques and gives computers or data computing machines the ability to "learn"; however, most of us would stay the same, so let's define ML as a method by which computers and data management machines are able to "learn" based on data that is fed to them.

The Machine Learning is closely related to the computational statisticswhich is also based and focused on the prediction of results through the use of statistical methodology, i.e. the use of formulas and algorithms to make simple decisions.

   1.1 Application to digital marketing

Although a priori it may seem to us that the implementation of Machine Learning in a real way in the digital marketing world is not yet clear, this is not the case; in fact, it is already affecting the digital marketing landscape in a very direct way.

  • PPC campaigns: Thanks to the use of machine learning for data analysis, the days of marketers having to analyze data manually are long gone.
  • Content management: Given the importance of achieving a good engagement with our audience ML can help us optimize the way we approach our audience and create brand image more efficiently, impacting those people who (thanks to the many variables that ML takes into account) are more likely to like our content.
  • ML Chatbot: This type of chat is booming in recent years, allowing web users to solve their doubts easily and quickly. This advance has been achieved thanks to the ML, the more information the machine receives, the more coherent, fast and efficient are the answers it offers.

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Fortunately or unfortunately, the new updates in data protection law or GDPR is going to potentially make it more difficult for marketers to obtain the information we need to get information from our customers, so we have to explore alternative targeting options with the help of ML.

One of the most interesting options is contextual targeting, a process by which ads are shown on highly relevant pages within the display network, based on the keywords, context and topics that the displayed ad is about.

  • Google's system analyzes the content of each website to determine its main activity, then compares it with the marketer's ads to determine the relevance of the ad with respect to the website to finally show it or not. It also analyzes other variables such as language, location and the user's recent searches, among other factors.
  • In the case of Google Ads, it only uses contextual targeting when an ad group has keywords and topics with the campaign configured to show ads in the display network.


This is undoubtedly the star strategy in recent years and especially in this period in which we live.

The content marketingThe principle, although difficult to define, is based on one basic principle and that is acercar publicidad highly relevant to our customers or potential customerss to be able to approach them in a discreet manner without making them feel overwhelmed, no by shouting at them to buy your products or services, as is done with traditional marketing techniques.

Creating relevant content for our users is vital to attract them and capture their attention and, ultimately, sell them a product or service. For this reason, many tools have been developed to optimize content marketing.

Comparison of the different tools for content marketing management and what each one offers us.

Here are the links to the different tools so that you can take a look at them.


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