Travel: Trends and tips in a summer of pandemics

Today we are talking about the Travel sector. According to a study by the consulting firm EY-Parthenon published in May, 50% of Spaniards do not plan to travel this summer. Only 9% stated that they would try to spend their vacations in a destination outside the country. With this panorama, it may seem that the possibilities of national tourism are reduced to foreigners who choose Spain as a holiday destination and Spaniards who are encouraged to travel around the country.



And what about the destinations and travel choices of those who opt for domestic tourism? Google Trends gives us an indicator, one of the booming trends: rural houses. This term has increased its searches in Google in a remarkable way compared to the previous year. So has Airbnb, although to a lesser extent. Consequently, we can deduce that users prefer to spend a few days with family or friends in a private space.

As for the hotelsAccording to the aforementioned study, 23% of respondents will not go to a hotel until there is a vaccine. The truth is that, if we take another look at Google Trends, the search interest has been significantly reduced. Contrary to rural houses, hotels are at lower levels with respect to 2019. For example, looking at the latest reports from the National Institute of Statistics, the hotel occupancy figure in May 2020 fell to 12.14% while in 2019, in the same month, it was at 57.75%. If we analyze by autonomous communities, Galicians are the ones who plan to travel the least. Something understandable knowing its beaches and tourist areas.

With this perspective in the Travel sector, what alternatives can you offer us?

-It offers private and personalized experiences: try not to mix groups of people but to give the possibility for these groups to carry out activities separately. For example, wine tastings, beer tastings, nature tours... Moreover, if the activities are outdoors, all the better.

-Communicates safety measures: if your hotel has a safety protocol, hygienic measures or any innovation in hygiene, tell the world about it! People will choose a place that prioritizes health over one that does but doesn't tell them about it. Social networks are a good communication channel for this.

-Observe and adapt: Within the possibilities of your business, observe what needs your audience has and try to adapt to them. Perhaps you have had a conversation with one of your clients in which he has asked you if there are hydroalcoholic gels in the rooms. Indeed, the rooms do have gel, but the client has indicated one of his interests that you can reinforce with a welcome pack consisting of a gel, a mask and a brochure with safety measures.

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