11 Social Media trends in 2020

According to Hootsuite's annual digital report with We Are Social, the number of users using the Internet has increased by 7% over last year and almost half of the world's population is on social networks.

The most used social networks are still Facebook and Youtube, but others such as Pinterest and TikTok are starting to gain relevance.

According to the IAB Spain study, users use an average of 3.7 social networks, the most used being Whatsapp and Facebook.
Seeing all these data, social networks evolve every year and with it the way of using them. Here we tell you about the main trends we will see in social networks during 2020:

1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

They will be key elements in the marketing of the future that will come hand in hand with VR glasses. There will be a transition from virtual reality games to VR social media. Some of the ones that are starting to appear are vTime or Oculus Rooms.

Artificial intelligence

According to market data, in 2020 85% of customer service interactions will be performed by artificial intelligence robots, better known as chatbots. This technology offers a lot of information and very valuable for social media marketing companies, about the consumption habits and interests of users, achieving much more segmented audiences.

3. Video

YouTube has been growing in a big way over the last few years and will continue to do so during 2020. It is estimated that 80% of the content we consume will be in video format. Therefore, community managers and marketers will have to work hard to innovate and differentiate themselves to avoid video saturation.

4. Ephemeral content

These types of posts will be essential for social media marketing. Instagram stories are used by millions of users every month. It is a content that is well received because it is published for a limited time, disappears and thus does not tire the consumer. Users do not buy simple products but the experiences associated with them.

5. Generation Z

Social networks will continue to evolve and target their main protagonists, Generation Z and Millennials, who have grown up in the digital world. They demand innovation, creativity, personalization and transparency. Therefore, as professionals we must avoid falling into clichés and clearly commercial techniques.

6. RRSS Niche

In recent years, Facebook and Instagram have dominated the world of social networks as the largest and most popular platforms. However, social networks with communities with common aspects and very relevant content are becoming more and more relevant.

7. Social commerce

The role of social media in ecommerce will continue to grow. More and more companies are interested in implementing their catalog on Facebook or Instagram, which allows them to link products in photographs. This trend will mean that more and more social networks will allow them to do so.

8. Amazon breaks the duopoly

Being the largest digital store in the world has allowed it to study the behavior of millions of users. This gives it the possibility to break the duopoly of Facebook and Google and to grow its advertising business so it will continue to increase its influence.

9. Social CEOs

During 2020, managers and senior executives using social media to listen to and understand their customers and employees will be on the rise. The influence of a company's employees is increasingly important so CEOs will adopt the networks in a professional way to communicate in a personal and direct way.

10. Micro-influencers

They carry a lot of weight within their niche. The audiences of these types of influencers are smaller but better defined, and they get more interaction, which translates into users feeling part of a small community.

11. Fake news

The famous Fake News will lead to increased regulation of social networks and marketers. Transparency is essential and the most demanded by users. This regulation is already being seen with the implementation of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) and the LOPD-GDD (Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights).
We have just reviewed the trends that will be seen during this year in social networks, but Which social networks do you think are trending right now? We will tell you about it later in another post.

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