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Google CSS Incentive System Update

Google CSS Incentive System Update

After all the modifications that the Serp has undergone with the entry of comparators (CSS) on the scene, Google announces a new modification to its incentive system.

First Conditions:

If we look back a few months, we could see how the conditions for the return of incentives, depending on the investment of AdWords accounts, were as follows:

  • Any trader with an investment between500€ y 2,500€ in a 30-day period, obtains the 20% of the investment made, credited to that merchant's account.
  • Merchants who invest in a period of 30 days, between 2,500€ y 10,000€ obtain the 25%.
  • Any trader with an investment, in 30 days, of more than 10,000€ receives a 30%32,000 credit limit for 30 days.

New Conditions(from November 1 to December 31, 2018)

As of November 1The incentives for existing and newly created CSS will be simplified into one:

  • The amount of advertising credit shall be based on a 5% fixed of the monthly investment made in the CSS.
  • These incentives will only apply when the investment be greater than 10$.
  • Advertising credit maximum available per month is 100,000$
  • In summary: any merchant who spends more than 10$ in November (through the use of a CSS) will receive the established credit in arrears. Please note that the credit obtained can only be used for future investments within each trader's account.

This sudden change in the cashback percentages, and the fact that they have limited the last modification with dates, may be due to the increase in budgets in these last months of the year. It is likely that the trend of cashback will continue to decline after December and may even disappear.

Have you started to work with any CSS?

Leave us your comments and we'll be happy to answer them 🙂

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