Updates to Google Customer Reviews

Last month we published a post in which we explained the multiple benefits of the Google Customer Review System, as well as its technical integration into the web. If you have not been able to read it, I encourage you to do so, as it will help you to better understand the news we bring you.

Today, the Google team has notified us that in early October there will be updates to the Google Customer Review Program.. Until now, the scores shown to users worldwide were common and unique to a domain, generated from all international ratings. Starting next month scores will be displayed by specific countryYou will probably have different results depending on the ratings received in each of the countries in which your website operates.

To counteract this fragmentation of ratings, which could result in not achieving the minimum number of reviews required to be displayed in the results, Google will go from 150 international reviews to 100 reviews per country.

From our point of view, this last change will hardly be able to minimize the effect of the scarcity of reviews in many countries, especially in websites of a medium-low size. However, from the user's point of view (which is where Google focuses its improvements) it will be positive, since the opinions that a store can receive can vary significantly between countries, depending on how the specific public perceives the service received (transport, product quality, customer service...).

At Geotelecom we encourage you to use the Google Customer Review Program to differentiate yourself and convey trust, your target audience will surely appreciate it!

If you have any doubts, let us know!

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