Geotelecom team lands at Web Congress 2018.

As every year, there are many marketing events and conferences that our team looks forward to. One of these unmissable appointments is the Web Congress to be held in Zaragozawhose 8th edition has taken place from June 1 to 3. Once again we were multiple Digital Marketing professionals exchanging experiences and latest developments in Social Media, SEO, eCommerce, SEM positioning, web design and a long etcetera of disciplines. And what to say about the networking with the attendees? These more relaxed moments are the differential note as far as a good atmosphere is concerned during this event.

This year several members of the team attended: Beatriz, Diego Díez y Enrique. With such representation we were able to cover most of the topics, presentations and workshops of this Congress. After an early start on Friday, we took the train to Zaragoza. Once installed in the hotel and collected the accreditations, we were ready to give it all 🙂 It is worth mentioning the sightseeing we were able to do in the Old Town of Zaragoza with its magnificent Basilica del Pilarand its nocturnal ambiance by 'El Tubo' (The Tube). That and enjoy the 28º, which for those of us who live in Burgos can be unheard of at certain times of the year....

The latest news in Social Media, Analytics and Web Design.

On Friday afternoon, we went into the campaign optimization for Facebook and Instagram. A team from AulaCM explained the different phases in the creation of campaigns, historical generation and analytical reports to achieve optimal results. They also shared with the attendees a series of tools for image design, video editing, content management and customized reporting. Simultaneously, a workshop on Web design to make customers fall in love'.whose advice inspired us to connect with the heart of our audience through their most primal emotions. The importance of taking care of the coherence between the objectives of a company and its human values to obtain a guaranteed success was highlighted. 

Web Analytics by Eduardo Sanchez at CW18
Web Analytics by Eduardo Sanchez at CW18

Saturday began with the highlight of the day: the lecture on Web Analytics for Eduardo Sanchez. One of the leaders in this field deployed his great management of Google Analytics to get the most out of leads and eCommerce. For 2 hours we were able to analyze in depth the user behavior on a website, configure different microconversions, sales funnelsanalysis of segments and optimization of hearings. In short: with Eduardo Sanchez we have a lot of new things to put into practice in the coming weeks.

Before noon networking, Isabel Romero brought us several recommendations on creative copywriting y Mai Molina shelled out the multiple AdWords experiments that it has put in place. During the last few years, it has demonstrated that the Google recommendations not always offer the best results in campaigns. Once we have cleared our heads after coffee, Sandra Guerrero the first time, he took us deep into the Emotional Branding y Bruno Vázquez-Dodero (from AulaCM) did the same with the 10 most effective publications in Social Networks.

On Saturday afternoon, several presentations were given on the following topics profitability in eCommerce, moving images with Cinemagraph and the already famous adaptation to the GDPR. As it could not be otherwise, Saturday deserved the best possible ending: beerworking at the WTCZ for the attendees. The night went on a little longer than expected due to the good weather and the company in the streets of El Tubo and the center of Zaragoza 🙂

We continue with the technical part: Blockchain, PWA, SEO, Chatbots...

And the more technical profiles were also able to enjoy this great congress - variety is a big part of its success. - and catching knowledge by the bucketload. It all began quietly on Friday afternoon with an introduction of the CMO of Digital GrowthJorge Gonzalez who left us a few tips and phrases to face #LaQueSeAvecina during the coming months and years, we will have from now on closer phrases like "between doing and not doing, we must always do and leave the fears, the doubts" and "we are not in a time of change but in a change of era".

After this brief and intense introduction, we will now move on to some of the technologies that have been making the most noise in recent months, Sonsoles Valero made it very clear to us what ChatBots are all about and their functionalities, and he has also summarized it all on Twitter: Link to threadWhat an industrious girl! 

Web 18 Congress - Presentations
Saturday presentations during the Congress

The third in discord was Angel Gavinwho opened our minds with the Blockchain and all its potential in different environments where it allows immediate traceability, such as in music where it can allow to charge automatically every time they listen to your songs, visualize the destination of the money contributed in any NGO or help to be more transparent in governments. Undoubtedly a great potential and a large number of uses. Next, he came to the forefront Ivan Garcia to talk about cryptocurrencies, several interesting platforms with these as protagonists and to make a simile with someone very similar to Pablo Iglesias and another guy very similar to Mariano Rajoy... José Ramón Padrón of SiteGround with AI as the protagonist was the following, he gave us several notes on Artificial Intelligence as the Turing Test and its future forecast with phrases like "By itself, AI is not superior to humans, so the singularity is not so close. AI will change professions, as has happened in each of the industrial revolutions, but in the short term it will not make us obsolete"...

Coffee was followed by the main course, how to fall asleep! , Natzir Turrado and Christian Oliveira They provided us with a lot of information about the PWA, they managed in 50 minutes to give all the necessary information both to those who did not know about the existence of the PWA and to those who already had some experience in this field. a cracking bunch of cracks!

From crack to crack and I'll shoot because it's my turnthe following was Iñaki HuertaIñaki, a volcano of knowledge with whom we knew we were not going to be indifferent. Iñaki talked to us about the importance of semantic interpretation, how he works this aspect and why we should forget the traditional keyword studies and focus more on the user's intention, and he wasn't wrong about anything...

And again in pairs this time MJ and Natalia Samperiz who gave us a few ideas to take advantage of SEO and SEM channels together, where we understood the importance of providing Adwords data to the person in charge of SEO of the same client, this data can be vital to achieve the objectives.

A Saturday of logs, scooters and stones...

And Saturday arrived full of energy, Luis Villanueva left us great notes on crawling and indexing in the auditorium and logs to posterirí, we laughed like never before with Sico de Andrés and his scooter explaining the difficult task of linkbuilding in SEO, something he introduced with Jorge González in a previous workshop, and we loved how Ricardo Tayar (a guy who never leaves you indifferent) spoke openly about the mistakes in the great journey in his agency Flat101. No one is spared from this!

What do we bring from CW18?

Most importantly, in addition to the many novelties, we bring back the feeling of having shared a magnificent weekend surrounded by great professionals. The good atmosphere among the attendees of the Web Congress favors precisely that climate of collaboration and dissemination of the latest trends in the sector. In short, we return to the batteries well charged and a backpack full of ideas and strategies. that we are already looking forward to putting into practice. We can only add to our team members who have attended previous editions of the event. it's wonderful! With this summary, how can you not want to come back to Zaragoza every year 🙂 .

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