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Our experience at the Zaragoza Web Congress 2017

Last week, between June 1 and June 4 (to open the month correctly)two members of Geotelecom, we visited one of the Digital Marketing events of reference in Spain: the Zaragoza Web Congress 2017. As we do not like "own" us of knowledge, if not to share it, we quickly tell you our experience!

As every edition, the meeting of hundreds of professionals par excellence in the capital of Aragon, was multitudinous. Well, first we'd better introduce ourselves: we are Nerea Dávila and Estefanía Villasante (and on this occasion, the Zaragoza command)

We took the train with great enthusiasm, a little sleepy at about 8.20 in the morning, total lack of knowledge of the city and above all, we were eager to get our accreditations. But certainly, Thursday afternoon consisted of Extra Workshops and the official program did not start until Friday in the morning.

Therefore, we spent the last few hours strolling around, enjoying the incredible sun that greeted us. We visited the Basilica del Pilar and the Roman Forum. Which, by the way, we loved! Although, without a doubt, the ideal moment for a walk was the small night tour, when the thermometer had dropped considerably.

Day 2 at the Web Congress Zaragoza 2017

In a centrally located guesthouse but at a prudent distance from the World Trade Center, It was a 30 minute walk with a breakfast stop to start the morning.

We collected our accreditations and thanks to the first activity they had prepared for us, we immediately started networking! In the team with a Blogger and an Entrepreneur, the Escape Room was an hour in a very fun mystery game.

With Accreditations at the Zaragoza Web CongressHaving made the first contacts, we met with acquaintances from past years for lunch, and while we discussed first impressions, we planned the afternoon session:

  • At 16.10 p.m. we decided on the Workshop: 'In search of the lost word'. The name aroused our curiosity, but we began, perhaps, with too much technical language. Of course, one thing became clear: Google's internal technology is fascinating. The number of things that happen to provide a result... (however simple it may be). By Borja EspejoThe experience, although complicated, made us understand the essence very well.
  • With our heads full of programming code, we cleared our heads a bit during the networking break to head to the auditorium. In a succession of small lectures on Usability, SEO and Analytics, we were definitely left with the last one. Tool discovered by Alberto Talegon. His presentation was How to do Keyword Research through Machine Learning'. Totally free and open source. Although it is initially designed to study the SEO competition, we are sure that we can find a SEM use for it in the company of our programmer.

The Beerworking moment helped us to see all its possibilities, while we were excitedly looking for our #T TrioCW. We wanted our gift for sure! (and try your luck in the Dron)

After a small snack, we returned to the guesthouse, as we wanted to be at 100% on Saturday at 9.00 am.

Day 3 at the Web Congress Zaragoza 2017

After enjoying a delicious breakfast provided by the organization, we opted to go down to soak in digital analytics and CRO by the hand of Ricardo Tayar. We did not hesitate to follow the advice of our colleagues, motivated by last year's experience. And of course, it did not disappoint.

Already in that same classroom, we were eager to learn more about strategies in Facebook and Instagram Ads. The person in charge was Noelia Atarés, and from a personal point of view, it was very specific. The workshop was dynamic, interesting and its protagonist was the constant interactions between the participants. (you can see where digital marketers have their eyes on the future). 

Next, the rumors at the Networking of the Web Congress in Zaragoza, took us to a nearby Hamburger Restaurant for lunch. A conversation where the internet giants and artificial intelligence played a major role.

On the way back to the auditorium, we squeezed as much energy as we could to take advantage of the latest talks on Accessible Technology, SEO and the curious perspective of Sergio Jimenez on how to apply a scientific methodology to Digital Analytics.

Main auditorium of the Congress of Zaragoza

But undoubtedly, the stir of the congress came with Sico de Andrés and its spectacular entrance on stage with wig, dancing Raffaella Carra. Because a large number of times, to do good SEO, you also have to come to the South! Original, amusing and useful presentation. Well deserved applause.

We end with the experience of Sara Werner as Start Up, founder of Cocunat, with an equally peculiar story. On the surface it sounds bad, but her advice for 'kill the cow'. will be effective for all entrepreneurs.

Farewell and sensations

And since we had no luck with any of the raffles, we went straight to the Beerworking and the snack! This night did go on a little longer, but you know, it was just to broaden our knowledge? Summed up in fun moments shared with as good experts as they are peopleWe are sorry to hear that we will be back on Sunday.

That's right! Looking forward to the next meetings, there is still a lot of 2017 to come, and we are looking forward to the Zaragoza Web Congress 2018! Have you been there? You already know that the most imminent event will be held in Burgos: the Marketineo Digital Fest Come and grow in the Digital World!

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