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What is it and how to create a sequential video ad campaign?

To create an effective campaign in YouTube, creatives are the building blocks. Thanks to the sequential ad campaigns that we can generate in Google Ads, you can deliver stronger and more meaningful messages to specific audiencesachieving a more lasting impact on the brand.

Consists of short stories that the brand can reveal little by little and that the target audience watches it in the order chosen by the brand until the story is over. The important point of this type of campaign is that the next video in your sequence will only be shown to your audience if they complete a step you indicate (print, watch or skip). This guarantees the effectiveness of the campaigns and generates a engagement The most important thing is that the next videos will only be shown to those users who are really interested because they have generated any of the three aforementioned actions.

In this type of campaign, depending on the strategy you want to carry out, you can use different structures:

These experiences that tell stories that, little by little, allow with the structure of Intrigue, Amplification and Echo, start by showing the user a video advertisement bumper 6-second video to quickly get to know the product or service. Continuing with a longer video, such as a in-stream 30-second breakout video that breaks down the information further and ends with another short video that reinforces the consideration and leads to the purchase action.

Did you find this interesting? If so, read on and I'll explain how to set up a sequential video ad campaign.

How to create it?

When choosing the target of the new campaign you can choose any of the following:

Once you have selected the target, you have to choose as campaign type videoand as a subtype, sequence of announcements:

Once this is done, you will have to configure the campaign, here you have to take into account different aspects:

  1. The bidding strategies available are: CPM and CPV, depending on the video format you use.
  2. The segmentation can be by audience or demographics. You will not be able to segment by keyword, topics or locations, but you will be able to exclude them.
  3. The frequency limitation for video sequences comes by default for a period of 30 days, but you can change it to 7 days. This means that the user will not be shown the ad sequence again after 30 or 7 days.

After all configurations have been made to campaign levelIn the next step, you will create the steps for your video sequence, each step/video is going to be a group of announcements:

By selecting "next step", you can now start uploading your first video, you have to select the video format, add a URL end and if you want a call to action, in addition to having to set a bid.

When you want to upload the next video of your sequence, the following will appear:

This step means that you can control which users within your audience will be shown the subsequent video, that is, if they have made one of the three options you choose, it will be shown to them, this is where we are creating our conversion funnel.

Remember to upload the videos in the order that you want to be shown to the user, once you have all the videos uploaded, click on create campaign and it would be ready. This would be the final aspect that it would have:

Possible problems

To change a video in a sequence that has already begun to be published:

  • Some users will no longer be able to finish their sequence and others will be repeated to follow the new order.
  • The measurement will be interrupted and may generate inaccuracies in some metrics.
  • Reports may be affected due to repetition or omission of the sequence.

Yes one ad is missing in the sequence, users will not be able to see the next step.

It will not be possible to create the sequence without link previously the YouTube channel with Google Ads.

Cannot be made mass editions to copy, paste or delete a group of ads. To edit the sequence you have to do it at the campaign level, in configuration > edit sequence steps.

Now you just need to test, measure and evaluate the impact of your sequential video campaign. Have you ever tried this type of campaign? Tell us about your experience! If you want to keep learning about Youtube Ads don't forget to follow us

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