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WordPress: a basic guide for beginners

We know that starting out in the digital world is not always easy. However, there are intuitive platforms willing to provide us with the creation of a website without worrying about advanced development skills.

That's why WordPress has stood out for years as the the platform par excellence for web sites dedicated to the service delivery o personal blogs which, thanks to its wide variety of templates and plugins, makes it the most versatile CMS on the market.

From Geotelecom we will tell you what small steps you should take to create or manage like a pro your WordPress website.

Advantages of using WordPress

This platform is characterized by being the easiest to useBut do you know what's so special about it and why it's still among the favorites? We tell you in 3...2...1:

Simple installation

Unlike other platforms, WordPress facilitates installation with automatic integrations directly from hostings like 1&1 who carry out the entire process.

Steps to install wordpress geotelecom

 Fundamental steps when installing WordPress for the first time.

Variety of templates:

It doesn't matter if you have a personal bloga online store or a law firm, you will find the template that best suits your business.

Variety of plugins:

You will have at your disposal a number of plugins that will provide functionalities very useful as special forms, image galleries, SE optimizationO, etc.

Count on the technical support you need:

As a platform with major worldwide expansionThe software is supported in all languages and for any problem.

WordPress has a minimal cost:

The price to have your web page is considerably reduced when compared to Magento or Shopify.

The best WordPress templates and how to choose the right one

Templates or themes are an important part of this, since they will give the initial appearance that the website will have. Therefore, it is essential to take into account some points:

Performance and speed:

Some WordPress templates have a mind-blowing design, animations that will amaze any user, but the loading speed is very high, so you should take into account whether your hosting and general configuration can support a complex design. Within the web positioning, the loading time affects notably, since it is given hand in hand with the user experience (UX) that we offer, so this is one of the most important aspects when it comes to making a SEO audit.

If you have doubts about the speed of a template, you can make use of tools like Google Page Speed o Web Page Test which, although they are not conclusive because the template has no previous data, serve as an indication as to whether or not to opt for a design.


page speed geotelecom

Design Responsive:

Avoid choosing templates that do not have a design responsivei.e, that does not fit perfectly on any type of device. Sometimes there are themes whose design on desktop is impressive, but on mobile it looks like a tetris.

"Currently, the traffic from mobile constitutes more than 60% of the total".

For this reason, you must not stop thinking about the multiple devicesso make sure you choose a template that has a responsive for your website.

Versatile theme:

It is highly recommended to choose templates that have a versatile design that has multiple functionalities that are of interest to us.

Sometimes, there are themes designed for our type of business, but there are no other options that we want to add. a posteriori, as a blog section o widgets of multimedia content. In these cases we will have to update the template, install plugins or change the design.

If you are thinking about a template and don't know what to choose, you can find the one you like the most directly within the WordPress store or on platforms such as Theme Forestwhich has a wide range of variety of designsstyles and prices for your business activity.

Still not sure which insoles are right for you? Here are some of the most recommended ones for you to choose your favorite:

The best WordPress themes

  • Avada: ideal for simple multi-thematic websites.
  • NewsPaper: one of the best options for blogs and news sites.
  • BeTheme: is perhaps the one with the widest variety of themes for different topics.
  • XTheme: is unconventional, so if you want to make an impact from minute 1, this is the theme for you.
  • Hestia: widely used for professional websites. It incorporates a modern design and multiple carousel display options.

Must-have plugins that you should not miss

The plugins are additional functionalities that can be installed a posteriori, like cache managementoptimization SEOintegration of measurement codes, online store and much more.

Please note that, since these options include the modification or modification of enhancement of the preset codeIf you are not sure of the source of these plugins and the quality in terms of security of the same.

From Geotelecom we recommend the following plugins you should have:

W3 Total Cache:

Caching seems like a harmless concept, but if you make big changes to your website that are not visible in the front office, this may be something to consider. This plugin allows to optimize the cache so that the user can view the latest version of the website faster.


Have you ever wondered what "minifying" code is? In tools such as the aforementioned Web Page Test there are metrics related to the loading speed due to the lack of minify the code. This refers to the fact that there is a great deal of code HTML, CSS or Javascript unused or not optimized.

Plugins such as Autoptimize allow you to reduce these files for better performance.


Sometimes we have an excellent website, but our images cause the loading time to be very long.. We know you want to have some banners fantastic, that's why Optimizer.io is a plugin that allows you to optimize your images without losing quality.

Google Site Kit:

No matter if you have a business or if it is a personal blog, you will always be interested in knowing how many people enter your website and that's what this plugin is for.

Performs a easy integration with AnalyticsAdSense, Google Optimizeetc., and you will have all the data you need for measure your traffic and profitability.

In order to perform this integration, you must have an account previously created on these platforms.

Multilanguage for your WordPress with WPML:

There are some translations that are a sight for sore eyes. If your website has multiple languages, you should have a little help when integrating them. This plugin allows for translations and includes additional features for WooCommerce and SEO optimization.

Yoast SEO:

And if we talk about SEO, you can't start without this plugin. Not only is it easy to use, but it is an excellent recommendation if you are starting out in the wonderful world of SEO. Search Engine Optimization or 'Effective Obtuse Senescence‘, as we like to affectionately call it.

This plugin allows you to add metatagsdetect writing problems, write blog posts in a better way and many more functions.


While WordPress is not particularly Most used CMS in Spain to set up your online store, it is still an interesting option if you want to include this functionality to your website. This popularity can be seen graphically through Google Trends and is that, curiously, it is not the most searched despite being one of the most searched for of the most economical.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin that adds basic functionality such as product catalog, purchasing processetc., to your website in a simple way. If you want to start in the world of e-commerce and you already have WordPress, this plugin is your ideal choice.

Is WordPress the best option on the market?

Spoiler: depends. Not all projects are the same, and yours may require more efficient stock management if it is a e-commerce, or specific functionalities, and in these cases, you may need to consider more things. Even so, WordPress is still an excellent tool for managing your content and an ally to get you into the online world.

We hope all this information has been helpful to clarify your doubts with WordPress. As always, make a previous study and take into account our SEO tips to start your new project.

Already have your website and don't know where to go from here? In Geotelecom we are a digital marketing agencyl that will help you take your first steps in the online world and take your business to the next level, working in a personalized way, contact us without obligation!

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