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At Geotelecom, we take care of the social media management, content development and strategy planning of your business. In social networks it is not enough to have an account, you have to generate community!

We are the Community Manager your ecommerce needs. What does this mean? We will manage your social media profiles creating content, building user loyalty, listening to what they say about your business and strengthening your brand image. A well worked social network will bring confidence to potential customers who see your ads, it's the perfect combination!

Why is it important to work on the content of your social networks?

Provides confidence and security

Nowadays any user, before making an online purchase, researches about the place where they are going to make the purchase. This involves searching on social networks and seeing what they say about that brand. If the user does not find your business on social networks or what he finds generates rejection, he will distrust and will not buy.

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Increase your reach

Creating quality content will allow you to reach an audience organically, i.e. without advertising, and can even give you a greater reach than your campaigns if the content goes viral. There are also formats such as the reel in Meta that are boosted by the algorithm to achieve greater reach.

Generates community

Engaging in conversation with your audience will make them feel more committed to your brand and will allow you to create a community of followers as if it were a "family". You will be able to know in detail what concerns your audience and keep learning from them to bring them closer and better to your product.

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Support your paid campaigns

When a user discovers your product or service through an ad, he will inquire about your business before making a purchase. And where will he go? He will investigate the social networks of the business and determine whether the store inspires trust. It is at this point that social media profiles must be optimized.

Creates a strong brand image

Recognizing a brand only by its characteristics requires constant work in many channels. Currently, the best way to reach your users and impact them with your values and the essence of your business is through platforms like this.

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We manage social networks in:

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Goal: Instagram and Facebook

The platform that encompasses Facebook and Instagram, the social networks where you will find a wide variety of audiences. From the youngest to the oldest.

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Tik Tok

The social network that sets the trends and is characterized by its infinite scroll makes it very addictive. You can spend hours and hours viewing content on it.

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X (formerly Twitter)

It continues to be a network used by many users who prefer more text than image content.

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Although it is a very work-oriented social network, it is the ideal place for certain sectors.

How we work in social Ads


Before starting to work on any social network, we analyze the existing profiles to see what mistakes have been made or what things could be improved. If there are no profiles in social networks, depending on the sector, a strategy and content proposal will be made.


We will define the messages to be conveyed, the content ideas, the formats to be used, the objectives to be achieved and also the design of the communications. At this point it is vital to have an active communication with the client so that they can provide us with information about their product or service as well as material to work with.

First steps

We will generate a content calendar in which the client can see the month's content and give us feedback; we will need access to the accounts, as well as the material (images, style manual, videos...) that the client can provide us with; and the adventure begins!

Trial and error

By observing the history of profiles on social networks, we can guess which actions have worked best, but in this world one plus one does not always add up to two, i.e. what worked in the past may not work now, or vice versa. The most important thing is to keep testing to find the key content that brings us closer to our audience.

Social media management and advertising

In the management of social networks it is not enough to publish random contentIt's all about providing a quality experience for your followers. 

If you are tired of boring posts, Geotelecom is your solution. In our marketing agency, we count with a team of graphic design which is responsible for creating creativities with professional qualityalways respecting the essence of your brand image.

In addition, we do not only work in management, but we also carry out advertising campaigns on social networksto increase the visibility and impact of your brand.

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Create community and grow your professional profile on social networks

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