Can you imagine being able to measure, segment and act on all the users of your eCommerce in a personalized and omnichannel way?

We from Geotelecom use Connectif, our favorite tool to manage Marketing Automation strategies and with it we can carry out all kinds of actions, be it sending an email, showing a pop-up, retargeting on social networks, showing favorite products, offering an offer personalized, enrich your data with native forms, send SMS and much more.


How does it work?

The way it works is throughworkflows with which you can create unimaginable strategic networks that interrelate with different channels in a simple and visual way. In addition, you can build your buyer personaby analyzing their demographic information, behavior and needs and segmenting them based on their activity and motivations.

We create personalised needs for each user so that they end up converting.

How can it help you
and your eCommerce?

Your conversion rate and credibility will increase progressively.In addition,it will improve the user experience as it will experience a change thanks to the dynamic personalization of content. And last but not least, a large decrease in the abandonment rate and abandoned cart.

In the end, what is sought is to create personalized needs for each user and that all this ends in conversion.



Custom landing pages can be created for each user. Show different messages and products to each contact to increase conversions and complement it with A / B / X tests to find the best version of your strategy.


We can convince undecided buyers to finalize their purchase through discounts and special promotions. In addition, it is possible to achieve one of the basic objectives of all eCommerce (the capture of leads) because they facilitate the personalized collection of emails.


We can simplify the management of forms and attract new leads where the conversion possibilities are highest. Test, define and convert to increase your contact base and efficiently impact each campaign.


Hand in hand with personalized recommendations, we show blocks of unique content based on the behavior of each user. We take your ecommerce to the next level by creating a specific site for each contact and personalizing the content that you will see next time.

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