What's new at Google Marketing Live 2019

Google Marketing Live (GML)2019 in the city of San Francisco, and our CEO, Jorge Arias, and I were lucky enough to be invited by Google to their most cutting-edge event in this great city.
In this edition of Google Marketing Live all the innovations in digital products were presented by the American company. In our case it is especially attractive because in it many new developments in reference to advertising products are advanced and commented such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio...
Once again this year, the automation and Machine Learning The speeches were not only "inspirational" and "evangelizing", but also had a practical background that allowed us to glimpse several complementary innovations to these systems automated bidding.
The whole issue of user privacy and security also played an important role.
The following is a summary of what we found most interesting in these intense days:

  • Discovery Ads: new type of campaigns that seeks to anticipate user searches, targeting audiences that are willing to discover something new (a product, a brand...). These campaigns will work through automated bidding systems, targeting audiences (without keywords) and will be automatically displayed on Youtube, social tabs, Gmail and Google Discover. These campaigns will allow uploading several images, titles and descriptions, which will be automatically optimized to show the native ad in the feed.discovery-adsYou can learn more about how to create these campaignsas well as to consult the ad quality guidelines.
  • Gallery Ads:Last year Google already told us about its interest in testing the use of images within the Search Network. What at first seemed to point to the use of some supposed image extensions, has ended up giving rise to a new ad format called "Gallery Ads". The format of these ads will allow to incorporate between 4 and 8 images, with a small text in each one, a global title and a visible URL.gallery-adsThanks to this new ad format we will be able to combine an attractive message with the visual power of images. It may seem attractive for restaurants, hotels, etc., but the reality is that this new format can open up new opportunities to the market. great opportunities in the e-commerce world and we are already adapting one of our internal tools to get the most out of it. Would you like to benefit from this new feature?
  • Maximize the value of conversions:As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, automated bidding systems are the present and Google is betting on it with 100%. With this new system "Maximize Conversions" evolves to enhance the value of conversions.
  • Conversion Action Sets:In some Google Ads accounts we already have the possibility of creating sets of conversion actions, if what we want is to optimize certain campaigns based on a set of different conversion actions. This new feature goes hand in hand with the possibility of enabling also at campaign level the specific conversion to which we want to focus our strategy, being able to vary it among the entire structure.conversion kit
  • Seasonality Adjudtments:At the beginning, automatic bidding systems caused campaigns to fluctuate greatly at times of the year. pre y post seasonal. In the last year there has been a great response to this problem and nowadays the automatisms respond appropriately at times like Christmas, Black Friday, etc. The seasonal adjustments will allow to give signals to Google about special moments specific to the store and not extensible to the entire market, for example a VAT-free week or a special promotion of a brand, so that the system treats that time in a special way and returns to normal after its completion.
  • Bumper Machine:a section for generating up to 4 ads is expected to be added to the Google Ads interface by the end of the year. Bumper Ads from a video of less than 90 seconds. This tool will be accessible to all advertisers and will have basic editing options.
  • Shopping Campaigns with partners: new Shopping campaign format that will allow ads to be displayed on Google's multiple partners. After the tests carried out, they foresee an increase of 70% in clicks, but the important thing is... will it be profitable? =)
  • Local Campaigns:Although we have been able to create local campaigns for several of our clients for several weeks now, it is interesting to highlight the importance given to them in the Google Marketing Live. We will soon tell you about our experience with these campaigns.

As you can see Google does not stop and is in continuous innovation and development! For us it is essential to be always up to date with any new developments in the industry and adopt them as soon as possible to all customers who can benefit from it. Now come weeks in which we will try to get as many betas as possible to test all these new features.
By way of off-topic We leave you here some of the photos of the past week since, apart from the GML event, there was also time to enjoy San Francisco.

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