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Do you know how to apply AI to digital marketing?

The IA has revolutionized the digital world as we know it. It is changing the way companies do marketing by providing greater precision in market segmentation, better personalization of communication, optimization of advertising and more accurate performance measurement. 

In this post, we are going to show you several applications that we use, and will surely make things easier for you.

AI tools applied to social networks

If you are in the Social Networkingperhaps this IA may be of help to you:

Repurpose IO 

You create the same content and publishes it in all networks with their corresponding formats.

ia digital marketing tool

Crystal Knows

Do you need to know what your buyer persona? We have the solution.

IA digital marketing software

With Crystal Knows we will try to know the profile of the potential customer and generate message templates and tips to maximize the impact of each conversation.


In terms of Marketing Automation, we also find Persado; which motivates user participation by creating different copies depending on the type of user you are.


If you are in the content focused on organic positioningThis AI may be useful to you.

tools IA digital marketing Frase IO

IO Phrase analyze your main competitors on the first page of Google and optimize your content. Text Cortex, Market Muse or WriterZen are also good options to optimize our SEO content. If you haven't tried them, we recommend you take a look at them.

Integration with Google Sheets

In general, the AI plays a crucial role in the marketing world. If you have browsed through our blog, you will have seen that we have repeatedly talked about the AI of the moment; GPT Chat

But what about generating all kinds of text tasks in real time with Chat GPT? For this we will need to install the Chat GPT for Sheets extension.

Once we have included this extension, we will have to make a basic configuration for the extension to work in Google Spreadsheets and Documents.

Important, we must be the owners of the document for it to work..

We will also need a API key which we will find as follows:

google sheets chat gpt digital marketing

API key IA marketing tools

  1. Click on the link to get the API Key. We must be registered in OpenAI previously. 
  2. It will give us a password that we will have to include in the upper square.
  3. Once we have completed all these steps, we enable the CHAT GPT functions. 

*Each time a new document is opened, the API Key is retainedbut we must enable the GPT functions.

google sheets chat gpt

In order to activate it, we must enter an "=" as if we were going to use any other formula. And after the "=" we will write the letters GPT (pointing out the boxes we want to affect).

google sheets api chat gpt

What can you use GPT Sheets for?

The possibilities for Google Sheets and Google Docs are immense, but here's one of them list of ideas that will surely be of help to you.

  • Write descriptions with character limit.
  • To know the keyword score.
  • Translating texts.
  • Generate Ideas for Blogs.
  • Summarize notes.

If you want to know a little more about this extension and learn how to use it like a real pro, take a look at this tutorial where you can see all the options offered by this tool:


In short, if you are in the marketing world, GPT Chat extension for Google Docs and Sheets is a super useful tool for those who need to generate large amounts of text quickly. We encourage you to try it and let us know how your experience went.

Have you already signed up for all these AI tools to apply to your business? At Geotelecom we use these and other tools to scale any business to the next level. 

Contact us now and we will give you all the details. 


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