Content writing

Content marketing, text creation and optimization

SEO-oriented copywriting: Captivate your audience and position your website at the same time

Correct spelling and good writing are fundamental factors to express your professionalism, but it is possible that to achieve that visibility you want you need something more.

Our goal is to fine tune to get closer to your audience. That is why we develop our content with your buyer persona in mind, carefully analyzing the search trend and the intentionality of each keyword, and nourishing the texts with rich and interesting content so that they take the top positions in the SERP.

Your brand is your hallmark: Be charismatic, reflect personality

As Oscar Wilde said, “There is no second chance to create a good first impression,” and this also applies to the content on your website. At the end of the day, you are not only what you sell, you are also what you transmit when you sell.

At Geotelecom we are aware of this and we take very seriously not only the usability of your website, but also the personality of your brand.

What do you want the customers who browse your website to associate you with? Do you want to convey warmth, elegance, or perhaps reinforce the feeling of closeness? Define your style, and we will take care of infusing your texts with personality and working on your brand voice.

Storytelling: Emotional communication to attract and connect with your audience

Do you have well-positioned content and want to improve engagement with your audience? The key to success is storytelling or emotional writing.

An effective storytelling will humanize your story and make your client feel identified and empathize with your content, creating an emotional bond while reaffirming the values of your business.

“People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

We offer you a free consultation

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We offer you a free consultation

Ask for a budget without obligation!