Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator

Just a few days ago, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google presented two new tools related to loading speed and the impact that a slow mobile website can have on revenue: Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator.
These two new tools, Mobile Scorecard & Impact CalculatorThe new Google website, created with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of the speed of loading web pages on mobile devices. According to Google sources, the mobile conversions can decrease by up to 20% for each additional second that a website takes to load. With this premise, and taking into account that it is the most used device worldwide, we review these two tools:

Mobile Scorecard:

Mobile Scorecard allows us to compare loading speeds between different pages simultaneously. It also orders them in order from the shortest to the longest loading time. We can switch between 3G or 4G connection, and the different countries in which our domain is appearing.
Mobile Scorecard
Thanks to this tool we will know, quickly and efficiently, the loading speed of our page and that of our competitors. We will be able to analyze in this way, if we are not among the first positions of the table, to which we must aspire to be leaders in our sector.

Impact Calculator:

Impact Calculator gives us a rough estimate of the revenue we could get if we improve the loading speed of our mobile website. We only have to provide 3 pieces of information: Average Monthly Visitors, Average Revenue per Order and Average Conversion Rate.
Impact Calculator
If we move the slider to the left, the loading seconds decrease and the potential annual revenue increases.
To point out that Impact Calculator works by making a approximate average with the data we provide. But as we all know e-commerce does not grow evenly throughout the year. This is why we must speak of estimation.
Have you tried Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator and are you finding these tools useful? If you haven't tried them yet, we leave you with the following here the link.
Leave us your feedback in a comment. We'll be happy to hear about your experiences 🙂

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