Local SEO is essential to connect with customers in your area. It is the key to place your business on the map when someone in your area searches for your services or related products.

When someone searches for something related to your industry and location, such as "coffee shop near me" or "plumber in Valencia", local SEO helps you appear in search results. This strategy puts you right on your customers' radarleading them straight to your door.

In this digital marketing agencywe focus on improve your web positioning. Local SEO is not just about getting your business to show up in search results; it's all about standing out and becoming the most attractive option. for those who are looking for what you offer.

Why it is important to work on Local SEO

Where local search results appear

Local Pack

We look for your main competitors and analyze their position in the market. We carry out a study of your main competitors in your business niche in order to detect opportunities.

We compare the keywords on which your competitors are ranking and determine which of those we should also target. We also perform a approximate estimate of the level of traffic each competitor is attractingThis helps us to set realistic medium-term objectives.



Local ABC Pack

During the audit, we perform an exhaustive study of your website to look for indexing problems that may make it difficult for search engines to find and display your content. These include, we check the famous 404 errors (deleted pages), blocked URLs in the robots.txt file or canonicalization problems.

If we find any problem, we offer fast and effective solutions so that your website is indexed correctly.

Local Finder

Providing a good user experience will make them spend more time browsing your web site. and, at the same time, will attract many new ones. 

In the audit, we examine the overall experience offered by your site, such as ease of navigation, accessibility and usability on different devices. If there are areas for improvement, we will provide you with concrete suggestions to optimize the experience and encourage interaction.

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Tasks we perform

SEO content writing

We take care of drafting the SEO focused content with the objective of positioning your website so that it appears in the first results when a user performs a local search related to your business.

We optimize your Google My Business profile

Your Google My Business presence is essential to stand out locally. We make sure your profile is optimized, updated and ready to stand out in local searches.

On page SEO adjustments

Technical SEO is key to improve your online visibility. We carry out a series of SEO improvements and optimizations that allow us to improve the technical level and performance of your website, making it more search engine friendly.

Link Building Proposals

The strategic creation of external links is like building bridges to your business from other relevant sites. We make sure to establish solid connections that boost your local authority and visibility on the web.

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