Inbound Marketing or how to make a difference

Have you heard about Inbound Marketing without knowing exactly what it is? Surely you are not the only person who has experienced such a situation... If you also leave a website because of intrusive advertising, you are not alone! More than 80% of people make the same decision as you. If you want to prevent your customers from going through the same experience, the Inbound Marketing What do you say we take a closer look together at this strategy to grow your business? If you want to put the customer at the center of your business, you have just found the right strategy.

What is Inbound Marketing?

In a single sentence, the Inbound Marketing consists of make your customers feel naturally drawn in at every stage of the buying process. In this way, the brand and its actions will have nothing more to do than to accompany the customer through to the final transactionThis way, you can offer what they need at the right time. However, its implementation implies a research process about your audience, your potential customers, their needs, when they need help, and so on. Only in this way will you be able to offer content that is sufficiently adapted to allow its distribution on specific channels. In short, the Inbound Marketing focuses on the individual while traditional marketing does the same around the product.
Inbound Marketing ParadigmNow you're probably wondering how it's done, right? Once you have analyzed your target customer and their buying process, you are left with a whole amalgamation of tools to make him fall in love with you: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Social Ads and a long etcetera. IMPORTANT! Keep in mind that the objective is that your customer perceives value in your brand, he will be the one who needs you and not the other way around. It goes without saying that it consists of a long-term process where brand and customer culminate a symbiotic process in which win-win situation for both partiesAre you up for such a challenge?

Go to match with your customers.

Before offering anything, it is important to know what type of user you are dealing with. Do you know what your Buyer Persona? With this representation of your ideal customer you will be able to design actions focused on results. That said, your ideal customer is based on data and not on feelings! To do so, you will have to rely on historical data, conduct a customer study or use other significant data sources. Keep in mind that it is a dynamic profile that evolves over time, being of vital importance a continuous review of them. In this sense, it is possible that your business has more than one Buyer Persona, but it is not recommended to exceed 4-5 profiles. At this point you will find several types of profiles:

  • Decisor with direct power over the purchasing decision.
  • Prescriber whose recommendation directly influences, but does not condition, the purchase decision.
  • Influencer who, through their opinion, directly conditions the final purchase.

What value does this information bring to you? Now you will be able to create and position valuable content. You will not only better understand your current customers, but also your potential customers. With all this you will optimize your company's resources and, in addition, you guarantee an optimal customer experience.

Inbound Marketing Life CycleHow you travel the road is also important.

Knowing your customers already, the path you walk with them is as important, if not more, than this first step. That's why your purchasing process is key: monitor their behavior, needs and possible problems. For a successful strategy, the valuable content you offer must be adapted to the Customer Journey of your customers. This is the only way to reach the right profile at the right stage of the buying process. At this point... do you know what stages a user goes through during the buying process?

  • Recognition. The user perceives a need and requires information, being the earliest stage in the sales funnel. Your goal will be to offer useful content and possible solutions.
  • Research. After having gathered the relevant information, delve deeper into possible solutions adapted to their problem. Here comes your value proposition, it is necessary that the user knows how your product or service can bring him everything he needs.
  • Decision. It involves becoming aware of this need, identifying it and evaluating options oriented to its solution. What are the advantages and characteristics of your product? The differential feature will be what tips the balance.
  • Action. It's time to choose... Your potential customer will make a decision about it, here you will have to convince that your service is the best option.
  • Loyalty. Did you manage to gain your customer's trust? Congratulations! Now don't forget that the hard part is yet to come: making them continue to trust your brand, to recommend you and, most importantly, to buy again when a new need arises.

Step by step, softly, softly, softly...

In conclusion, your business will require a certain amount of analysis in order to set up an advanced strategy for Inbound Marketing. The dynamization of your content and the personalization of your offer will be key to optimizing strategies. Finally, it is worth remembering that conversion as such is not a final objectiveThe key to this commitment lies precisely in loyalty.

  • Define who your Buyer Persona.
  • It studies the purchasing process in depth, analyzes the Customer's Journey.
  • Design a Sales Process for each phase of the sales process.
  • The Content Marketing will be your best ally, so plan in advance the contents of value for the user.
  • Choose those tools and strategies that are necessary for your business: SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc.

Do you want to know this strategy in more depth? Do you need advice for your eCommerce? Do not hesitate to contact our team for all your needs 😉

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