Definition of: Web migration

It is the process in which a change is made to an aspect of the website that affects it in a general way, so that its results have repercussions on all the pages that make it up. A migration is one of the most important and complicated processes to perform on a website, especially for its possible impact on SEO.

Types of web migrations

  • Domain migrationWhen you change the main name of the url to which all the pages of the website are attached, thus changing its address on the Internet.
  • Server migration: commonly performed to improve the speed or options offered by the same, moving all the files on the web.
  • CMS Migration: related to the change of the content management platform or your store, which causes changes in how the elements and contents of the web are worked and connected.
  • Design migrationWeb Design: focused on major changes to the overall design of a website, usually with the aim of improving usability and user perception. It mainly affects the contents of the website and how they are displayed.
  • Web architecture migrationThe aim is to reorganize the pages of a website by modifying many aspects, from the URLs to the design.
  • Content migration: typical of situations where you have a large volume of content or separate pages on two websites and you want to unify them into one to work together. Also closely linked to design and architecture.
  • Other technical migrationsThe company's main objective is to provide a complete solution to the needs of its customers, such as the change from http to https protocol or web versions for mobile devices, among others".
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