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We are a great Digital Marketing Agency, with a great team. A experienced team that wants to achieve the best results. We are always learning to offer you the best for your business.

We transfer the good working environment to our day-to-day work and we enjoy helping you to grow in a profitable way so that you reach success.

geotelecom team


Meet our full band

Jorge Arias


CEO and founder of Geotelecom (Digital marketing agency specialized in ecommerce). Google Regional Trainer of Google Shopping. Top Contributor in the Official Community of Google Spain and Latin America. Passionate about digital marketing, traveling, my family, Jazz and my pet.


Enrique Alonso


My name is Enrique Alonso and I work as Project Manager at Geotelecom. I am passionate about Digital Marketing, but what motivates me most about my job is to help digital projects grow. When I leave the office, I take the opportunity to spend my time cycling and enjoying nature.



I am Diego Ruiz, Country Manager at Geotelecom Mexico and what I like most about my job is thinking strategies for my clients and the challenge of adapting to the continuous evolution of the digital marketing world. "Life must be taken with love and humor. With love to understand it and with humor to endure it".

Javier Lara


I'm Javier, I'm in charge of the business development department, together with my colleagues I look for the best solution for our clients' needs. To present them with the best strategies to make their business grow. A motto? I love that the plans go well.

Adrian Yarritu


My name is Adrián Yarritu and I work in the business development department. I studied Business Administration and Law and I have a Master's degree in Marketing. What I like most about my job is to offer clients growth possibilities for their companies. I love new technologies and digital marketing, and in my free time you can find me riding my bike, reading a book or traveling!

Marta Gomez


Hi, I'm Marta and I'm part of the commercial team of Geotelecom. What I like most about my job is to be in constant search of business opportunities and to guide our clients in their digital journey with the best strategy that fits with them and makes them grow. I came to marketing by chance and what a great chance! It's a world of changes from which I learn new things every day! I am a fashion lover, I love to travel, collect memories with my camera or cell phone and experiment in the kitchen.

Jesus Puente


I'm Jesus and I make sure that the accounts are clear, because others take care of making the chocolate thick. I like to put kilometers into my body and, right after, a cold beer to hydrate it as it deserves...


Pilar De La Torre


I am Pilar and I am in charge of the Administration Department.
I like to do things well and help as much as possible. I try to be efficient and adapt my work method to be more productive and I try to give the best of me. In short: learn every day and improve what already exists!
In Geotelecom we are a great team and I always try to make everyone feel at home, to have a smile ready for everyone, just like for you if you contact me.
I am a big fan of movies, music, reading and traveling.

Lola Dominguez


I'm Lola, I work in the Administration Department of the Agency. It is a pleasure to be part of such a great, dynamic and creative team. As Walt Disney said "there are many hands and hearts that contribute to the success of a company" and I share this idea. About my hobbies I can say that I like to walk with my dog, watch movies, listen to good music, read and spend time with my family.

Maria Lapresa


Here María Lapresa broadcasting from Geotelecom, home of the craze for digital marketing and the passion for making our clients great. Passionate about the image in all its facets, painting, photography, series, movies... I believe in the power it has and that's why, in addition to Account Manager and Consultant, I'm in charge of managing part of the social networks so that everyone can see what we do and who we are. If there is one thing that charges my batteries, it is traveling the world by motorhome, meeting incredible people and sleeping in remote places. But if I have a weakness is spending time with my family and friends, and here in Geotelecom I have many of them.

Carla Espinosa


Hi, I'm Carla and I'm part of the Business Intelligence team as Digital Account Manager. I always wanted to be an administrator but after studying for it, marketing crossed my path and changed my course completely. In Geotelecom I have found my place and a spectacular, young and active team. I love to devour series and play music in the background of my daily life, my favorite music band? Extremoduro. My favorite series? Dark. I love animals in general but cats in particular, they drive me crazy!


Nerea Palacios


Hello! My name is Nerea Palacios and I am part of the Business Intelligence team. I studied International Trade and Logistics, and after learning about the world of digital marketing, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to it. I like to be always busy, to work in a team, and to be constantly learning, and I think that's why I've ended up at Geotelecom, and I hope it will be for a long time! My hobbies include photography, baking and spending a lot of time with my family.

Miguel Martinez


Hello! I'm Miguel Martínez, Digital Account and Project Manager at Geotelecom. Passionate about digital and therefore, Digital Marketing. Here I learn every day and see our clients' projects grow. Outside the office you can find me at a concert, riding with my group on my bike or on any trail in the mountains, and always accompanied by a good coffee!

Eder De La Cámara


My name is Eder de la Cámara and I work as PPC Account Manager Senior & Team Lead at Geotelecom. I love to see our clients' projects grow, learn during this process, work side by side with the whole team and have fun along the way. I am passionate about new technologies and Digital Marketing. In my free time I play drums in various bands, ride my bike and practice various extreme sports.

Adrian Arratia


Online Marketing and SEM specialist with more than 2 years of experience in tools such as Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, Google Shopping and Google My Business. Passionate about Technical Marketing and always optimized.


Elvira Casado


Hello, I'm Elvira and I'm a SEM PPC account manager in this great family. The world of marketing has always been interesting to me, so much so that I graduated in Marketing and Market Research, and as I couldn't stand still, I specialized in Digital Marketing and Communication. I would define myself as organized and hardworking, because they already said it in Harry Potter: "Working hard is important, but there is something that matters more: believing in yourself." My passions: movies and video games.

Monica Vallejo


Hi, I'm Monica Vallejo, SEM account manager. I always wanted to be a journalist, but digital marketing crossed my path by chance and since then it became my passion. Helping businesses grow in the online world is one of the greatest satisfactions and motivations that this job gives me. My hobbies include any sport: swimming, running, cycling? devouring series and books and having a good time with my family and friends.

Nuria Sainz


Hi, I'm Nuria, and I work as a SEM/PPC account manager. I studied Marketing and Market Research, and the only thing that was clear to me from the beginning was that the field that most attracted my attention was digital marketing (mainly because of the constant learning that involves the changes that occur in it). My hobbies? Traveling, reading, enjoying almost any kind of music, and, above all, signing up for any impromptu getaway that comes up in good company. The perfect plan? A day at the beach in a northern town, beach bar, beer and (very important) good food!!!


Valeria Mozo


Hi, I'm Valeria and I work as an account manager in the SEM team. I got into Digital Marketing by chance and now I am passionate about this world. I love learning from each project and being able to touch the most different sectors in my day to day. When I leave the office Crossfit has become my main hobby, but in my free time I can't miss travel plans or music.

Cristina Ortuño


Hello, my name is Cristina Ortuño and I belong to the SEM department. I studied International Commerce in León and the marketing branch was the one that caught my attention the most. I consider myself a lover of international marketing and market research, trying to train myself day by day in this area. As for my hobbies, I like everything related to fashion. Of course, where there is a plan to watch soccer, go out to party or go to a concert with friends, everything else goes.

Pablo Pascual


Hello, I'm Pablo Pascual and I'm an account manager in the SEM department at Geotelecom. I studied marketing and administration, thanks to an internship I got into this world that every day never ceases to amaze me. I love to see how my projects grow and to learn from each one. Among my hobbies I would highlight sports, traveling and having a good beer with friends.

Nerea Dávila


Hi, I'm Nerea and I'm part of the Ramones team in the SEM department. Translator by training and marketer by profession, I like to help my colleagues to create new strategies and think of new approaches that make our clients grow. Outside of Geotelecom I spend my time doing yoga and reading (sounds cliché, but it's true) and I escape to see the sea whenever I can.

Monica Nogales


Hi, I'm Monica and I work in the SEM department. What I like most about my job? Being able to train myself continuously and keep up to date with the latest news in the industry. I started my studies in Audiovisual Communication because I was attracted to photography and post-production, but when I finished I was much more attracted to advertising and digital marketing, so I decided to specialize in this branch. Something about me? I love getting lost in nature, improvising, devouring series, movies and going to the cinema.

Noemi Santos


Hi! I'm Noemí and I'm dedicated to SEM account management. What I like most about working at the agency? Being able to continually train myself to be at the forefront and to face something new every day. I studied Audiovisual Communication and later I specialized in what I was most passionate about, Digital Marketing. When I'm not in the office, I love to devour series, movies and books. Likewise, I am passionate about live music and photography 🙂

Paula Barrio


Hi, I'm Paula! and I work as an account manager in the SEM department of Geotelecom. I studied journalism in Madrid but I always knew I wanted to return to Burgos. The Master in Digital Marketing and Geotelecom gave me the opportunity to get into this world. Working here has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally and meet wonderful people. I recharge my batteries in the afternoon with my two great passions: powerlifting and hardstyle, and I face my day to day with music. As Victor Rutty says in one of his songs "because without music I can't and don't want to live".


Álvaro Yagüe


I'm Varo and I work as SEM manager at Geotelecom. I studied Advertising and Relations and although I've always wanted to dedicate myself to graphic design and creativity, I ended up in digital marketing by chance and now I love this sector.

I love fashion, sports, technology and design and that's why I dedicate a lot of my time to them when I'm out of the office.

Miriam couso


Miriam Couso is my name, the crazy cat lady is my nickname and I work as SEM Account Manager at Geotelecom. Planning online marketing strategies and learning from it constantly is one of the things I like most about my job. The other is that we are like a big family. Traveling anywhere and improvised plans are my weakness and if they include escape rooms even better. "Only you can decide what to do with the time you have been given" (Lord of the Rings).

Paula Martinez


Hello! My name is Paula Martínez and I am a PPC and web analytics account manager at Geotelecom. Together with my team, I am dedicated to the optimization of Google Ads and Facebook campaigns. What I like most about my job is being able to get the most out of my clients' investment, as well as seeing their projects progress. In addition, I find digital marketing an exciting world full of changes and millions of opportunities. When I'm not in the office, my hobbies include photography, graphic design and traveling. I consider that every experience, good or bad, is enriching, so I like to live every day to the fullest.

Raquel Revilla


Hi, I'm Raquel Revilla, and I belong to the SEM department. I had clear that my studies would begin in Fine Arts but finally the paths led me to the wonderful (or rather, unstable) world of Marketing. I consider myself a curious and restless person, and I could say that I'm a bit of a soccer freak. Another of my hobbies is cooking, so if one day you see me in the Masterchef kitchens, I'll say so. A goal? To get my mother to understand what I do for a living, the rest will follow.

Lidia Barreda


I'm Lidia, I belong to the SEM team. I studied Advertising and PR in Segovia and ended up specializing in the world of Programmatic in Madrid. After that stage, I came back to Burgos and here I am back. I like to have fun and socialize. I love cooking and everything to do with gastronomy. A good party and a few beers with friends can never be missing.

Nerea Villaverde


Hi! I'm Nerea, team coordinator at Geotelecom. One of my favorite parts of Digital Marketing are its dizzying changes and its great possibilities. I studied Business Administration, but it was immediately clear to me that Marketing was my thing. And since you have to explore new horizons, I decided to expand my studies through the unknown Neuromarketing. A firm advocate of "everything happens for a reason", I ended up being part of the Geotelecom team, where I never stop learning and discovering new things.

Andrea Ayucar


Hi! I'm Andrea Ayúcar and I work as an account manager in the SEM department of Geotelecom. I studied tourism but I've always been bitten by the marketing bug, so I've been focusing my training on it until I got here, where I'm growing by leaps and bounds surrounded by an amazing team.

Cristina De La Peña


Hello, my name is Cristina and I am part of the fantastic team of managers of Geotelecom. I was not predestined to Digital Marketing but if normally life takes many turns, mine has taken hundreds. My biggest hobbies: my family, my people, my village, music and when I can play a good game of poker. In that sense SEM and poker are very similar: strategy, numbers and above all... patience!

Laura Gonzalez


Hello!!! My name is Laura González and I am currently working as a SEM PPC account manager. Since I was a little girl I always loved the audiovisual world, so I knew that my future would be focused on it. At first, I opted for the wonderful world of television but it didn't quite convince me. After many comings and goings, I found my true passion, digital marketing and Internet. Geotelecom gave me the opportunity to be part of this great team. I love to keep up to date with all the news and, above all, to have a continuous learning. I love hanging out with my friends, hanging out with my canine companion and in my free time, Coke in hand, popcorn and a good Netflix session.


Natascha Fher


Hi! I'm Natascha Fher, I do SEO (We are those optimistic people who improve your positioning), I play soccer, I'm a gamer, I play the guitar, I'm a programmer and I hate generic descriptions of people who brag about their skills. I love learning and venturing into new challenges. What do I like the most about working at Geotelecom? my colleagues.

Diego Izquierdo


My name is Diego Izquierdo and I work at Geotelecom as SEO Consultant. After finishing my studies of Audiovisual Communication in Burgos, I had the opportunity to join a great team of professionals, to enter the world of organic positioning. I spend my free time reading, hanging out with friends and traveling. A quote of mine. "Keep learning is an end in itself".

Rodrigo Fraile


My name is Rodrigo and I dedicate myself, along with my colleagues, to help our clients to beat the competition for Google's attention (good attention). Much of this work starts from within the web and the techniques change, forcing us to train day by day to achieve the final results. As for me, I come from studying tourism and, given my interest in customer thinking, technology and new networks, I was destined to go into digital marketing. To disconnect, passion for video games, art and more "geeks", without forgetting sports and nature. Luck blessed me with calm and patience. Don't get annoyed, it's bad enough to get bitter.


Sonia Puente


I'm Sonia Puente and I belong to the SEO team at Geotelecom. We are that group of people who are continuously fighting for the top positions in Google. If this were a quick question, I would say that my favorite music style is indie, the cutest animal is the French bulldog that lives in my house and that my biggest hobby is watching series, although there is none like Friends. A perfect plan? Friends, family and the beach.

Elena Sanchez


How are you? I'm Elena, the SEO copywriter at Geotelecom. I'm the one who makes sure that Google and your ideal client like your texts. I'm also the one who will remind you that accents matter, that leísmo is ugly even though it's accepted by the RAE and commas are a necessary evil. But apart from exercising my pencil, I also work out with weights and I've taken a liking to going out on the road. To conquer me you only need a notebook, pens and calligraphy markers of any kind, talk about Final Fantasy VII or Witcher 3 and a cold Guinness to fix the world 😉


Raquel Candón


Hi! My name is Raquel Candón and I work as a Marketing Automation account manager. My life is design and that's why I always knew that I had to dedicate all my efforts to it. I studied at the Escuela Superior de Arte and specialized in Graphic Design. Now I work at Geotelecom doing what I like the most and learning every day with a spectacular team. I love videogames, traveling and reading a good book.


Monica Monge


Hi, I'm Monica! I'm part of the Marketing Automation team as an account manager. I studied Audiovisual Communication and decided I wanted to specialize more in Graphic Design. Here at Geotelecom I'm having the opportunity to work and learn from a wonderful team and the freedom to give free rein to my imagination. I love photography and listening to music, my Spotify is running 24 hours a day.

Virginia Barbero


Hello! I'm Virginia and I'm part of the Marketing Automation team. I studied Audiovisual Communication and specialized in Graphic Design, which has given me the opportunity to be part of the cool team at Geotelecom. I'm a very curious person and I like to learn a little bit about everything. You can always find me behind a camera, traveling or giving it my all at a concert and I will never say no to a beer and conversations that solve the world.

Nacho Herrero


Hey, how are you! I'm Nacho Herrero and I will be one of the people in charge of automating your Marketing strategies in the Marketing Automation department. I studied a double degree in Advertising and Marketing in Madrid and I couldn't be happier to be back in my hometown to join such an amazing team as Geotelecom. In my free time, I sing, play guitar, dance, go to concerts... if it's related to music, I'm going to love it!

Daniel Esteban


How's it going? I'm Dani, but everyone knows me as Danix. I'm in the Social Ads department of Geotelecom and I love to rub shoulders with Social Networks. I studied Audiovisual Communication and I believe that a video is worth a thousand images. I'm attracted to many platforms like YouTube or TikTok and I consider myself a Simpsons freak. I like electronic music festivals and playing soccer. A motto? A day without laughter is a day lost.

Saioa Palomo


Hey, I'm Saioa, Community Manager at Geotelecom. I manage the social media presence of different brands. Content plan, buyer persona or engagement will be some of the words you will see me use and also put into practice. I come from the world of communication and after my time in corporate communication and traditional media, I started to live digital marketing from the inside. Do you want to know a little more about me? Take a look at my Linkedin.


Cristina Ibeas


Hi, I'm Cristina Ibeas and I work as an Account Manager in the Social Ads team. What I like most about working at Geotelecom is the opportunity to learn something new every day and being surrounded by an amazing team. I studied Tourism, but I knew right away that I wanted to work in Digital Marketing, so I didn't stop until I got it. I am passionate about traveling and as soon as I have a few days off I always get away. I also love languages, cooking and going to concerts. I don't like monotony and as Van Gogh said "What would become of us if we didn't have the courage to try new things".


Isabel Martinez


Hi! I'm Isabel Martínez, Social Ads account manager at Geotelecom. What I like most about digital marketing are all its possibilities, both for the client and for us. The continuous evolution of the sector makes us be alert and constantly learning, and for this, Geotelecom is the perfect place, both professionally and personally. Creative from the cradle, confessed fan of Art Attack, crazy about sunsets and good food, I love cooking and long conversations with family and friends.


Pablo Gonzalez


Hi! I'm Pablo Gonzalez, Account Manager at Social Ads. I love technology and Social Networks. I studied Business Administration and Management, and I did a Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media. In Geotelecom, I can combine my passion with my profession. Outside of work, I dedicate much of my time to CrossFit and traveling, the farther the better!

Marta Gonzalez


Hi, I'm Marta González and I work as an account manager at Geotelecom. What I like most about my job? The team we form and the constant learning process in the world of digital marketing. I have always been interested in the world of marketing and 3D design... And well... I am one of those who think that there is always time to learn about everything. Besides, they are two worlds that who knows, maybe someday they will complement each other. Outside of work I love to enjoy my friends, watch crime series and try new sports. If I could, I would spend the day traveling around the world, I love to learn about new cultures and their people.

Álvar butcher


Hello, I'm Álvar Carnicero, account manager at Social Ads. Yes, the one who schedules the ads you see on Instagram. I've always been attracted to the world of advertising and fiction; that's why I studied Audiovisual Communication, a master's degree in film and TV scriptwriting, and another one in Digital Marketing. Geotelecom is a great opportunity to develop professionally, learning day by day from my colleagues. I am always available to do sports or go to the movies.

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