The key to increasing the authority of your website

Linkbuilding (link creation)
Get quality organic growth by being linked to by other relevant domains.

From Geotelecomwe carry out SEO auditswhere we propose strategies to our clients, such as the Link Buildingwith which, in the medium/long term, they will be able to increase their online reputation, through quality external links. We help you to establish the references in your sector and identify the best opportunities to link with your market niche.

Thanks to a good internal link architecture you can gain in relevance and be more relevant. easily found on the internet.


A quality link is like a vote of confidence for your site.


Quality link building

The strategies of linkbuilding aim to increase the authority of a domain in Google's internal Pagerank. The best known strategy is the content writing and is that by offering current and interesting content to the user, other websites are more likely to link to yours, which will help to improve the positioning of your site and attract qualified traffic

When an external site links to yours, it will be passing on part of its domain authority, while Google will use this information as a sign of relevance and quality

How to work linkbuilding into your digital marketing strategy

We propose actions aimed at improve your domain rank with clear and transparent strategies.

  • Links to your internal pages, as visitors would naturally do, and preferably to the most semantically related page.
  • Different anchor texts when linking content, with different keywords, to avoid ranking penalties. 
  • Gain in relevance thanks to sharing strategies in social networks.
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