Diego Ruiz, Country Manager in Mexico: "In this market, the dependence on marketplaces is much greater than in Europe".

You may know Diego Ruiz because he has been your account manager, you may have met him at a marketing event or simply because he is a friendly person and you are lucky enough to have him as a colleague. However, today we are going to meet him as our Country Manager in Mexico because yes, friends, Geotelecom arrives in Mexico in October!

Diego or Dirru, as we call him around here, has been with Geotelecom for 3 years as SEM Account Manager. In this time he has had the opportunity to become a digital marketing professional specializing in consulting for E-Commerce, social networks and tools such as Google and Facebook Ads. In addition, as personal projects, he has created the clothing brand Classic Class and an online mask store.

We asked Diego Ruiz

Now, as Country Manager and looking back, how have you seen the evolution of marketing and ecommerce since you started in this world?

I think the clearest example of evolution I have in Geotelecom; in 2018 I joined a company of 13 people and today we are more than 50. Another clear change has been the acceleration that digitalization has experienced in companies as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, digital marketing is more booming than ever and in Geotelecom we have experience and resources to take advantage of it.

You will travel to Mexico in October to stay and live there and open business in the Latin American market although you have already started working with some clients, what differences have you noticed in the Mexican e-commerce with respect to the Spanish and European market?

The main difference I have detected is that in the Latin American market the dependence on marketplaces is much greater than in Europe and therefore E-Commerces have much less power. I think this is due to being in a less advanced stage of digitization compared to Europe or the United States, which makes Latin American businesses opt for marketplaces (most of them coming from or influenced by the USA) to make a "comfortable" exit to the online market.

Diego Ruiz
Diego Ruiz, at Geotelecom's offices. Photo: Josu Acosta
Flag of Mexico

What do you think you can contribute to Mexican ecommerce?

I plan to take advantage of the opportunity I mentioned in the previous point, helping E-Commerce to boost sales on their own website and leaving the sale in marketplaces, always commissioned, in the background. Thus favoring: A higher profit margin, own customer portfolio, possibility to work the recurrence of users, improve brand image ... the advantages that this change brings are almost endless.

And if we talk about expectations and predictions, where do you think Mexican e-commerce will advance to, what role would you like to play in this evolution (how would you like to see yourself)?

Knowing thanks to a reliable source (emarketer) that Mexico is already the country in Latin America with the highest investment in digital media; with more than 50%, the expectations are very positive. On a personal level, I would like to have the opportunity to put into practice all the know-how that we have developed in Spain and that has brought such good results to our clients.

Thank you very much, Diego, for taking a few minutes of your time.

We wish you all the best in this new adventure! An adventure that we will be telling you all about through the blog and Geotelecom social networks, stay tuned!


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