Geotelecom, 'Export' agency certified in Google Partner International Growth Program

It has been 3 years since Geotelecom became part of the first group of agencies selected by Google for its new program focused on the internationalization of online business. Since then there have been numerous projects that have been successful outside our borders. As a certified Export agency with a specialized team, we have a broad vision in a multitude of verticals: household appliances, electronics, telephony, pharmacy and parapharmacy, cosmetics and beauty, fashion and textile, sports and a long etcetera. Below we share exactly what the Google Partner International Growth Program and how it can help launch your eCommerce internationally.

What is the Google Partner International Growth Program?

This Google program is aimed at a small group of agencies in Spain with a twofold objective. The first is to offer tools and training oriented to the growth of online business outside our borders. The second is, precisely, to accompany the end customer throughout this process with different audits and specialized support teams in various fields (translation, logistics, localization, etc.). It is worth mentioning that only 15 agencies have been selected as Export Partners of reference in Google, so it is a source of pride for our team to be part of this project.

Some tips to internationalize your eCommerce

First of all: PLAN (yes, with capital letters). A market analysis will allow you to establish a hierarchy of priorities and set execution times for each step you take. For this purpose, you will need to have tools or a team of digital consultants to guide you through this process. On our side, our team's partnership with Google provides us with exclusive tools for market analysis, such as Market Explorer o Market Finder. Another key piece of advice is investing in web development, integrations and process automation (read all the catalog part via ERP). Here is the backbone of your business... Would you open your physical store in a random place, without renovating or highlighting the full potential of your business? Your website will be your showcase, don't forget it!

Geotelecom Tools
Some of our tools

In addition, in Geotelecom we have own tools with which to facilitate many of these processes. As an Export agency, our focus is on streamlining the entire process of competitor monitoring, catalog integration, sales analytics and promoting recurrence. For this reason we have LightHouseFeedthe tool that encompasses all the platforms where you want to launch your catalog. From here we will also be able to calculate the commercial margin of your products and optimize your advertising campaigns according to the gross profit. In addition, we will soon have a own module in Prestashop to analyze the recurrence of our customers.

Launch your eCommerce internationally

How can you launch your eCommerce internationally? What tools are available to you? What is the best way to localize your project? First of all, you will need to analyze a series of key points: languages in which to translate the website, domains and countries in which to work, shipping costs, logistics, payment systems, direct competition and other legal aspects specific to each country (labeling, taxes, etc.).

It is also worth mentioning the importance of localization Beyond internationalization, where is the difference? A clear example: the French of Canada has nothing to do with the French used in France, Belgium or Switzerland. Localization in translation can also be extrapolated to other eCommerce issues, such as payment methods or logistics. It is common for certain countries to have a greater habit of picking up their orders at collection points, while others will opt for home delivery. In short, localization could be defined as the maximum adaptation of your eCommerce to your immediate environment of the country.

In addition to the difficulties associated with launching a new project, there is no shortage of opportunities of internationalization. The main objective is to achieve a higher sales volume, coupled with profitability. In addition, your larger customer base will allow you to build new alliances, achieve a higher profitability, and brand awareness. Lastly, diversifying the risk in your business will minimize the effect of any seasonality in addition to optimizing the fixed part of operating costs.

Want to learn more about the Export program? Don't miss our next posts, here we will share the video of our last Export event.


If the growth potential of your business invites you to go outside our borders, Geotelecom is the Export agency you need. Contact our specialized team of specialized consultancy and explore new horizons with your eCommerce 🌍.

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