Go further with your Google Ads campaigns

Royal Berl and Hagakure

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about innovative campaigns, with strategies that are different from the most common ones. These are the Royal Berl and Hagakure. The two campaigns, with automatic bidding, maximize clicks and target CPA or ROAS respectively, are intended to reach the searches long tail of the users with terms in broad total and without having an exorbitant investment.

With Royal Berl, the configuration of maximizing clicks will allow us to look for a high number of visits because the more users are on the web, the more likely we are to get sales. In addition, by using keywords in broad total we let the Google algorithm work and optimize the campaign to the maximum since it knows in what buying process the user is in.

With this information it may seem that the campaign will end up getting out of control the investment but the truth is that with the maximum CPC we set the limits. Hagakure campaigns allow us to avoid a very segmented structure, simplifying the work and allowing Google's algorithm to work more freely. We share this link in which we talk in more detail about Hagakure.

Optimize Shopping

To optimize our marketing campaigns Google Shopping we have an infinite number of options. In this case, we can talk about different forms of structure: by price range, by product category, by brand, by profit margin for e-commerce, etc. Each of these structures can be used depending on the type of customer and, above all, the catalog we are working with.

In Shopping, we highlight smart campaigns which can also be structured in many ways. These can include the entire feed or we can filter if we want that campaign to include only a brand, a category or certain products. These campaigns smart have a goal to achieve and the automation is in charge of optimizing the results based on the information it has from the users.

Whether in Search, Shopping, Display or Youtube, beyond manual strategies or smart which allow few adjustments, we have the option of working with other configurations. Although some of them coincide with the Royal Berl and Hagakure campaigns, we can also launch with these strategies in the rest of the channels. We can take to Shopping, Display and Youtube the target ROAS or CPA, maximize clicks or conversions, etc. With these campaigns we are giving freedom to Google's automatism to work at its own discretion. and, in addition, we have control of certain settings that, with an smart we cannot modify.

Audiences matter too

The hearings that we use in our remarketing campaigns are also key to optimizing our results. We can work each audience according to their performance in different ad groups or campaigns. In this case, users who have visited our website, those who have reached the shopping cart, those who have purchased or those who are interested in us do not have the same behavior.

Some of the audiences that may be interesting, in order to differentiate in ad groups, are custom audiences, cart users, users with a purchase, the customer match and those of purchase intent. All these ideas are small brushstrokes of everything we can do and try.

And you, what different structure or configuration have you tried that worked for you?


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